Museums, archeology and theaters

Marche, the region of a hundred theaters

Starting from our farmhouse with swimming pool in Montecarotto, in the Marche region ..

An interesting cultural tour, between the classic and the curious.

Do you like museums and crazy about archaeological areas?

Then you are on horseback because here there is everything, from the great museums to the smaller ones, from the classic ones to the curious ones and the archaeological parks; here the Piceni lived, here the Romans, the Galli Senoni and the Lombards dominated.

The historical theaters real architectural jewels ... an old cliché wanted the Marche to be solid and tireless workers, head down and pedaling, without crickets in the head, indifferent to entertainment. One fine day an assessor wanted to know how many theaters there were in the Marche ... he was amazed ... there were the beauty of 71 historical theaters and another thirty theaters.