The places of the spirit

There must be something mysterious in the sometimes gentle and sometimes harsh landscapes of the Esino valley, or in the air or rather in the sky of those places. There must be something mystical if the Benedictine monks of the "ora et labora" chose these lands to found abbeys and monasteries

Starting from the year one thousand, the Abbeys were not only those beautiful churches that have come down to us, but they were real economic and social engines, very powerful fiefdoms that governed churches, priories, endless territories, patrimony and considerable wealth. They can be visited starting from our Agriturismo and B6B with swimming pool, near Jesi in the Marche:

Abbey of Santa Maria delle Moie;

Abbey of S. Elena in the territory of Serra San Quirico. It was founded, according to tradition by San Romualdo between 1005 and 1009

Another architectural pearl of this corner of Marche, so rich in spirituality is the rural Church of Sant'Ansovino, a building of great historical and artistic interest. Located in the Fugiano ditch, it has been attested since 1082.

Abbey of San Vittore alle Chiuse, near the Frasassi Caves;

Abbey of San Salvatore in Val di Castro founded by San Romualdo, and that of Saints Biagio and Romualdo (both in the Fabriano area);

Abbey of San Biagio in Caprile (existing since 1035), once famous for the beautiful frescoes that adorned it, is located in an enchanting position between a stream and a pine forest;

Abbey of San Cassiano in Valbagnola, mentioned in the documents of 1119, represents a small architectural jewel;

Abbazia del Beato Angelo in Cupramontana is prior to 1180 and was built in Romanesque-Gothic forms.

Another fascinating Abbey, that of the Holy Cross of the Counts, in Sassoferrato, dating back to the mid-twelfth century, was built at the behest of the Camaldolese monks with the reuse materials of the ancient Roman city of Sentinum, including columns and capitals decorated with floral, geometric and anthropomorphic motifs

Also in Sassoferrato is the Abbey of Sant'Emiliano, already existing in the 12th century, of which unfortunately now only the splendid ruins remain, testifying to its ancient splendor.

Cistercian abbey of Santa Maria in Castagnola in Chiaravalle.

To visit the hermitage of San Silvestro in Fabriano and the hermitage of Fonte Avellana unique abbeys with the presence of the monastic communities the Benedictine monks from Silevstrinia Fabriano and the Camaldolese in Fonte Avellana.